Colquitt Lab at UCSC

Development and evolution of complex motor skills

To understand the development and evolution of behavioral complexity, we study the mechanisms that drive the diversification of neurons and neural circuits in birds.

We focus on the neural circuitry that is dedicated to the production and learning of birdsong, a spectacularly complex behavior that is a powerful model for understanding the neural mechanisms of sensorimotor development.

Our Research

Our lab combines advanced molecular techniques, bioinformatics, imaging, and behavioral analysis to understand:

  • the gene regulatory networks that build birdsong neural circuitry during development
  • how these networks intersect with experience during birdsong learning
  • how modifications to these networks contributed to the evolution of birdsong and other complex learned behaviors.

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Our Team

The Colquitt Lab opened in August of 2022, and we’re excited to build a team of stellar researchers.

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